About the Studio

Purpose-led & Creatively Driven

Blending People & Purpose

Born from a passion for creativity and a desire to help others, JCDM exists to bring communities and people together through design and visual storytelling to make a difference – whether it’s empowering business growth, encouraging positive change, or inspiring a fellow artist. We blend people and purpose so that a greater impact can be achieved.

Our Brand Ethos

We don't do mediocre.

We are constantly looking at the bigger picture and finding ways to improve, both professionally and personally. We believe in putting our best foot forward, challenging the status-quo, doing our research, working hard (but smart), and asking, “how can this be better?”

We are purpose-led.

Our projects are driven by purpose and decisions are made with intention. We take calculated risks, we don’t rush solutions, and we aim to make an impact.

We are creative.

Everything we do stems from creativity, which is a gift we do not take for granted. We believe creativity has the power to make a difference and is an important tool for growth, both for businesses and for people. It’s imperative we nourish this gift and have a work/life balance to help it thrive.

We do what's right.

We always strive to have an inclusive and welcoming environment. People matter, and there is absolutely no room for bullying or hatred here.

Why the Crane?

While meanings may vary culture to culture, the crane tends to symbolize longevity, new beginnings and opportunities, good luck, and perseverance. The crane in our logo is specifically a dancing crane, which also stands for friendship, loyalty, and embracing your playful side. Surrounded by organic elements, our symbol represents our holistic approach to branding and design.

Meet the Owner

Hi, I’m Jenn.

 It’s so nice to meet you. 

My career officially started in 2010 as the sole employee of a startup chiropractic office in Western Pennsylvania. In just six months of opening, I helped the company win Business of the Year Award as well as the 2011 Reader’s Choice Bronze Award. We quickly went from chasing patients to patients asking for us by name. That job kickstarted my journey to entrepreneurship in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

In my 13+ years of combined experience in the world of marketing and design, I discovered a love of growing small businesses by combining social sciences and creativity. This led me to co-launching my first full-service marketing agency in 2015 with a business partner where we doubled our own sales year over year and became a six-figure company.

Now, as a solopreneur since 2019, I’m dedicated to turning purpose-driven businesses into valuable brands. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to combine my passions of art and storytelling into a career, and I want to support others in continuing to follow their dreams, too.

Some personal accomplishments include but are not limited to:


394% sales growth in just one year for a retail client following a brand development and launch


Connnecting with media and influencers, including an ex-NFL running back, for various campaigns


Doubling leads and sales for a client in just six months after implementing a brand strategy and launching their new website


Featured on PA Business Central’s 2015 40 under 40 list


Finalist for the Indiana County’s 2018 Young ATHENA award


Speaker at numerous events, including the SEI Women’s Network Leadership Summit in Philadelphia and to students at my Alma mater, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Helping a client reach a 30% profit increase in one year through brand management services

Get to Know Me

Things That Bring Me Joy

Being Outdoors

There’s nothing like being surrounded by fresh air and endless views away from screens.

My Crush

My husband, my teammate, my favorite person to travel with (enter all other cliches here)


Our Furry Creatures

Gigi (technically “GG” for “Good Girl”) – RIP ☹︎; Twila Kitty; and our newest addition Lady, our wild one

Jenn Clark drawing - Getting Lost

Art & Drawing

One of my main sources of fulfillmennt that I need to dedicate more personal time to doing

Just a Few Favorites:


Moscow Mule


Currently Yeah Yeah Yeahs (and Wild Child)


It’s a three-way tie between plum / purple, olive green, and mustard yellow

Guilty Pleasure

I don’t dive deep into reality TV, but when I do, it’s usually cringe-worthy shows like Married at First Sight and F-Boy Island.


“It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost? Ten dollars?” –  Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development

“Oh, there you are, Peter!” – Pockets, Hook


Hiking, plants & gardening, learning how to be more self-sustainable, dabbling in kintsugi, training my cat like a dog, & developing new art skills with mixed mediums

What to Expect When You Hire JC Design & Media


With my organic approach to building brands, I focus on working with innovators and doers who want to leave the world a better place than they found it. I don’t believe in guarantees, but I do believe in hard work and consistent efforts that generate real results.


My team and I are driven by creativity. We have a passion for the arts and using that passion to help bring visions to life. We love working with people who also have a love for what they do, and we feel the best work and collaborations happen when you bring these passions together.


When we create for clients, we focus on your brand and goals. We don’t have one particular style that is mimicked for everyone; it all comes down to the strategy. This allows us to remain committed to quality over quantity, as well as the end goal, instead of what’s trending.


I pride myself in being a transparent person, which is why I strive for open and honest communication as much as possible. You won’t ever get a surprise extra invoice without being talked to about it first, and if something is out of the scope of work, you’ll be informed of that too.

Have an idea for a project? 

We should meet.