PR Tips During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Recently, COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus) has been causing many places all over the world to shut down. We’re being advised to stay at home in a hopeful attempt to slow down the spread. Many businesses are impacted by this change, and we want to provide you with some PR tips during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Have clear, honest messaging

This is the general idea for all our tips. You want to be as honest as possible during a time like this. Consumers seeing that a company is doing all they can to provide information and honesty could cause them to have a newfound loyalty once everything is resolved.

Discuss how you and your company are keeping safe

You can do this by sharing and encouraging safe practices that doctors and scientists are recommending (think hand washing, social distancing, etc).

Consumers will really value if you’re doing the right thing by trying to keep your employees and the public safe.

Remind the public to access safe, reliable information

“News sites” with fake and unsourced information are always risky to read, but are especially dangerous during a pandemic. We recommend reminding your audience to only trust information from sources such as doctors, scientists, the CDC, and WHO.

Note the impact on small businesses

Many businesses are suffering due to their customers needing to stay home, but small businesses are facing the biggest impact. One thing we advise is finding alternative options to support the business.

For example, many small and local restaurants are offering take-out options so you can still support them without any risk. Many of these places are also offering lunches for children who relied on school to have a consistent meal.

Find an alternative like that for yourself and spread the word. Let others know how they can still support your business during this difficult time.

Provide tips on how to avoid stress and anxiety

This pandemic is understandably a very stressful time for many. Things are very much up in the air right now, and many people are facing unemployment, or are working remotely for the first time.

Remind people to take a step back from social media; it’s important to stay informed, but being too informed may cause some anxiety. Encourage your audience to take advantage of this time to get back into hobbies that comfort them and help them unwind.

You could also do some research on positive news regarding the Coronavirus. For example, the first human trial for the COVID-19 vaccine began last week along with the creation of at-home testing kits.

While spreading some positive news during these scary times is a good idea, we want to remind you of our third point about accessing reliable information. If you’re going to share news, good or bad, make sure it’s correct.

We hope you’re all staying as safe and calm as possible. Be careful, stay informed, and remember to take care of yourself.

If you’re someone who isn’t used to working from home, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post for advice about working remotely.

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