4 Scary Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

October is the best time of year to watch horror films. They’ve been around long enough for us to know how they work. When something bad is coming up we know the signs: suspenseful music (or complete silence), sudden phone calls, television static, flickering lights… the list goes on.

These classic cues draw in the suspense and fill us with the dread that horror directors love to create, but not all warning signs lead to the same good time that horror films bring.

For example, what if your website isn’t doing its job anymore? You’re noticing a higher bounce rate, which means that site users are leaving rather than viewing other pages. Or you see your SEO strategy isn’t driving as much qualified traffic as you hoped it would.

Redesigning your website is the best way to resolve any issues like these ones, while also preventing future issues. But how do you know you’re in for a redesign before it’s too late?

Here are some scary signs your website is in need of a redesign.

Any information on your site is outdated.

Developing businesses go through many changes, and depending on the business, you could be launching new products and services frequently. As your business expands, you may be hiring new employees or even moving the business to a different location. It’s important that your website keeps up with all these changes. If there are any new updates to your company that your customers should be knowing about, it needs to be on your website.

Your website isn’t responsive.

Website responsiveness means that the layout adjusts to being viewed on different platforms, such as mobile devices and smartphones. In 2018, 52.2% of all Internet traffic was generated through mobile phones. That number is continuing to grow into 2020. This is why it’s crucial that your website looks just as good (and functions well) on mobile as it does on desktop.

Your website is difficult to use.

Your website’s visitors won’t follow through on becoming a customer if they can’t easily navigate your site. Whether links are hard to follow, or information is difficult to find, you want to make sure that potential customers can easily go where you want them to go.

You should also ensure that your website has quick enough loading times. Both mobile and desktop visitors are more likely to abandon the page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Not only that, but 75% of visitors won’t return to that website at all if the loading times aren’t quick enough.

The rule of thumb here is to create a website that is appealing to look at, yet functional. You don’t want to have a stunning website that doesn’t work, yet you also don’t want to have a website that solely relies on function. Your company’s branding and message should be present so that you can draw in like-minded customers.

Your company’s brand or mission has changed.

Speaking of your brand, it’s natural for a company’s brand or mission to change over the years. You can read more about why companies rebrand themselves and change their mission here in our blog post “How To Know When You Should Rebrand.”

Your company’s website should always reflect your brand, even when it has changed.

One reason why companies rebrand is to appeal to more demographics. If you’re trying to reach out to another demographic, it may be beneficial to tweak your website to appeal to them as well.

If you are in need of a new website, contact us today. Our website services include a website audit, SEO implantation with an initial keyword strategy and research, and month management or hosting options.

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