February 2020

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  • Why PR Matters for Your Brand

    Every business, big or small, relies on public relations. Some may not even know it, but each interaction between company and customer impacts a brand’s relationship with the public. For many, the first thing that comes to mind when they think about public relations is propaganda peddled by a corporate machine: a one-way conversation. This,…

  • Client Stories: Creating a New Identity

    Shannon’s Brand Backstory

    When Shannon Sottile joined a fellow financial advisor’s office, they were joined together and shared the same identity. One year later, they realized that although they both had the same role as financial advisor, they had very different target markets they were passionate about working with.

    After the two collectively decided to disband,…

  • Our Favorite Super Bowl 2020 Ads

    While the Super Bowl is well known for the parties, gatherings, and team rivalries, it’s well known for one thing people otherwise typically hate: the commercials. Super Bowl season is the prime time for advertisers and companies to bring out their best campaigns. While many enjoy Super Bowl season for the obvious reasons of football,…